September 14, 17:00
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Serverless mindset.
How to think creating serverless applications?

Resolving technical challenges with a serverless mindset means rethinking, re-architecting, and rethinking again. Why is the serverless approach for software development worth it? How should a developer's mindset be changed to make it work? What is the future serverless has in store?

Let's explore the ecosystem of serverless approaches and benefits of the serverless mindset.

During the session, we will focus mostly on thinking and patterns rather than on technical tools.

What's on:
Serverless or not serverless: some definitions.
Pitfalls application developers can meet trying to create serverless applications.
Development and testing serverless applications: is it worth it to create a local test environment?
Serverless enterprise applications: is it at all possible?
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About the speaker:
Dmytro Milashenko
Cloud Solution Architect
Dmytro is a Certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional. Dmytro has been working with AWS since 2008. He has immense experience creating software as a Java and Node.js developer. For more than 15 years, Dmytro has been engaged in various projects, including Finance, Telecom, Health, and other industries.
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