JUNE 30, 17:00 (Kyiv time)
Language: Russian
Where: Zoom
Ruby async: Make it work for you! How to boost your Ruby app.
It's not a secret that Ruby struggles when applications process many simultaneous requests. An async approach based on fibers is one of the key solutions for improving the performance of Ruby apps. We'll discuss the state of asynchronous programming in Ruby during the event and understand how fibers can be a great model for concurrency.
What's on:
Ways of asynchronous processing in Ruby
How to write async code
What is the real benefit of using fibers?
What could go wrong with async code?
Ruby 3 and asynchrony
About the speaker:
Taras Hrychkovskiy
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at Ciklum
with solid tech expertise in web development. During the last 6+ years, Taras was involved as a Ruby developer in various B2B, entertainment, traveling projects. He enjoys working with Ruby and constantly improves his expertise with modern development approaches, technologies and tools.
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