MAY 26, 17:00
Language: Ukrainian
Embrace Reactivity in Java with Spring and Project Reactor
Three years ago, Spring Boot 2.0 was released, introducing Project Reactor and Netty in Spring Framework. That was a significant achievement for Spring and a starting point for many enterprises worldwide to start looking into reactive streams topic.
What's on:
Reactive programming with Java: why should we care
Reactive Streams and Java: why and when you should use Reactive streams. Available and upcoming options for inter-service communications
Reactive Java with Spring: the history of Reactive programming support in Spring Framework, what is under the hood and how it's supported by different Spring Cloud projects
Drawbacks while using Spring WebFlux and potential mitigation strategies
Common pitfalls: how to avoid them and where you should pay attention
Tips and tricks: what constructs you will miss in Reactive Java and what alternative approaches you should consider, non-trivial challenges you may face, and available solutions
About the speaker:
Oleksii Volkov
Senior Solution Architect at Ciklum
Oleksii has solid tech expertise in Java, Microservices, Cloud-native solutions, Distributed and Event-driven application, Performance, Scalability, Resilience, Security.
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