How to become an Architect?
A career path built at Ciklum
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17:00, online
Thinking of an Architect position having Tech/Team Lead background or mature software development experience? Want to know the main competencies and success criteria of an Architect? We will gladly help you! Join our improvised talk show with Ciklum Solution Architects, Kostiantyn Khodykin and Serhii Zachepylo.
Let’s make the discussion productive! Ask your questions regarding the Architecture career path during the sign-up – and we will answer them on the webinar.
During the discussion
Ciklum Solution Architects will dive deep into the following:
Architect development path: what you should know to reach the top of the architecture skyscraper
Learning path: necessary skillset
Known and unknown architecture ‘flavours’: Data, Solutions, Application, Software
Career path: how we grow Architects at Ciklum
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About the Speakers
Kostiantyn Khodykin
Solution Architect at Ciklum
Kostiantyn is a Solution Architect with solid tech expertise in software development. During the last 3+ years, he was involved as a Solution Architect in various financial, entertainment, and retail projects
Serhii Zachepylo
Solution Architect at Ciklum
Serhii is a Solution Architect with 10+ years of tech experience using the .NET framework and Microsoft technology stack in general. During the last 2+ years, Serhii was involved as an Application/Solution Architect in various risk-management, retail, and media projects.
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